Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Illustration Friday founder says, "Farewell."

"Thank you and Good Luck Penelope!"
2013 Graphite and Digital.
Upon hearing the sad news that the Founder of Illustration Friday has decided to move on(see official announcement on IF's blog), I felt inspired to create a proper "Farewell" for Penelope Dullaghan.

You see Illustration Friday has been a stage which I've performed on for many years. The large audience, weekly topics, and strict deadlines were critical on many occasions, inspiring me to create when I wouldn't have otherwise. Aside from discovering countless amazing artists through I.F., the feedback I received from fellow illustrators gave a solid foundation for me to stand on when I first started out.  I can't thank the founder enough for creating and managing an amazing tool for as many years as she has.

I'm sure you would like to know that I.F. is not ending, Penelope is passing the torch onto another, I just hope that it keeps the same vitality, enthusiasm and support as it has for years before.

I wish I had time to color and finish the illustration above, but honestly I shouldn't have spent the time doing it in the first place! ^_^  ANyway, I have alot of great projects just over the horizon, so make sure to come back often!


  1. I love the illustration, and the gesture of kindness. Thanks, Mike, for sharing this. It seems to be inspired by one of Penny's favorite quotes: "A ship in the harbor is safe, but that's not what ships are built for."

  2. What a heartfelt farewell. I love the b & w, and it would be fun to see it colored someday.

  3. This is wonderful! I think you captured the sentiments of many illustrator Friday participants.

  4. How lovely and true! I am just beginning to stand on my own, and IF has been a major motivation for me. Thanks for saying farewell so wonderfully!