Wednesday, June 20, 2012

IF- Secret

If you couldn't tell I've been exploring and learning alot with hair...and girls are so much fun showing that off!


Step1: Pre-Sketch 
      (Created using my DRAW/ERASE method.)
Step2: Finalize Lines.
Step3: Bold Value. 
      (Instead of slowly building up value, you just throw it down!)
Step4: Crisp Value 
      (Simplify and solidify all values into crisp shapes. No gradients)
Step5: Blend/smooth 
       (This is where the magic occurs...You smooth out the harsh traistions and often redefine the structure alltogether. With this step I created a temp layer above my main one and paint until you are about to paint over where you've already painted...then you merge it down and make a new layer above it. Keeps things clean and natural looking. See below for a screenshot of my layers...)
Step6: Finalize
     (This typical step is where you throw everything in the book at it. Warp, auto features, repaint areas, etc. Basically until it FEELS right.)

Basic Layer breakdown:
I thought it would be neat to show the basic structure I used with my layers to create this illustration.... except for the LINES layer set on multiply, I worked traditionally...from ground up.

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  1. I always love it when artists include the progress shots!
    Great dynamic shading!

  2. Hey Mike, Thanks for including that... it actually helped me figure out something I've been having trouble with! Nice job!

  3. I like her - really nice style! Always cool to see the progress.

  4. She's wonderful. Thanks for the process.

  5. Thanks for all your kind words! And I'm glad everyone enjoys the process. Honestly I include it partially to document methods I thought were useful so i can refer to it later, and partially to inspire others.