Saturday, June 09, 2012

IF- Shiny

"Lost and in the middle of nowhere without signal. Sigh..."

First I want to say about my process for this piece:
 I used my DRAW/ERASE method...however I spent more time finessing the final linework than normal.  Lines seem to be my strength (in comparison to render, render, render.)  For the painting part I did, ONE BRUSH STROKE AS LONG AS YOU CAN. For example I started the face out with a base value, picking a lighter shade I difine the features of the face with one LONG brushstroke (making sure not to let go.) Then with a lighter value I go in and do one brushtroke again. Basically alot of washes! (Avoid the choppy brush, brush, brushing that I normally do.)

Second I would like to say that I am several weeks into my personal project, "Make it Rain"!
Make it rain is a comic/story that I am illustrating and making available to everyone for free. Today I finished the 4th panel. I am excited for next week, because words are going to start! (WOOT!)
SO go take a look: